PowerCad: Best Electrical Design Solution Software for Engineers

PowerCad Software Electrical Engineering Design Solution

PowerCad Software, headquartered in Croydon, Australia, has recently been acquired by the internationally renowned software company, JDM Technology Group. It specializes in innovative software tailored for electrical engineering design within the Australian electrical sector. 

Founded in 1991 by Adrian and Lorraine Newman, PowerCad product range facilitates rapid creation of integrated electrical systems for building contractors, engineers, and manufacturers. 

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What does PowerCad Software do?

PowerCad Software is an electrical engineering design software that helps engineers and contractors design, analyze, and document electrical systems. It is used for: 

  • Power distribution systems 
  • Lighting systems 
  • Fire alarm systems 
  • Security systems 
  • Building automation systems 
  • Solar and wind power systems 

Specific features of PowerCad Software

Library of electrical components

PowerCad Software includes a comprehensive library of electrical components, including circuit breakers, switches, wires, cables, and other devices. This library makes it easy to find the right components for your design. 

2D and 3D drafting

PowerCad Software supports both 2D and 3D drafting. This allows you to create detailed drawings of your electrical systems, as well as visualize how they will look in the real world. 

Calculation tools

PowerCad Software includes a variety of calculation tools for electrical parameters, such as voltage drop, fault current, and cable sizing. These tools can help you ensure that your designs are safe and meet the requirements of industry standards. 

Compliance checking

PowerCad Software can check your designs for compliance with industry standards. This helps you avoid costly mistakes and ensure that your designs are safe and reliable. 

Sectors and market segments of PowerCad Software

Sectors and market segments of powercad software

Electrical Engineering  

  • Design, analyze & document electrical systems   
  • Used for power distribution systems, lighting systems, fire alarm systems, security systems & building automation systems  


  • Used by contractors and construction companies to design and document electrical systems for buildings and other structures  
  • Improve efficiency, accuracy & ensure safety and compliance of electrical systems  


  • Used by manufacturers to design and document electrical systems for appliances, vehicles and machinery  
  • Simulate performance of electrical systems and identify potential problems  


  • Used by utilities to design, analyze & document electrical systems for their networks 
  • Improve efficiency and reliability, and ensure safe & secure power grid  


  •  Used by government agencies to design, analyze, and document electrical systems for facilities such as airports, hospitals, and prisons.  
  • Improve safety and security, ensuring that electrical systems are compliant with government regulations. 

Competitive landscape of PowerCad Software

  • PowerCad Software has 265 active competitors 
  • Ranks 135th amongst its competitors, suggesting that it’s a mid-tier player  
  • 25 of its competitors are funded 
  • 29 of its competitors have exited 
  • PowerCad Software and its competitors have raised over $175M in funding 
  • No private Unicorns in the entire competition set 

Strategies to improve competitive position in electrical design software market

Focus on innovation 

PowerCad should continue to innovate and develop new features and capabilities that its competitors do not have 

Target niche markets 

Focus on automotive industry or construction industry 

Build partnerships 

Build partnerships with other companies like electrical engineering consulting firms or electrical distributors 

Expand into new markets 

Expand into new markets, like emerging markets or new industries to grow business  

Electrical Engineering Design Software Products of PowerCad


For consulting engineers, PowerCad-5TM is Australia’s top electrical engineering design software package. The design approach and AS/NZS 3000 and AS/NZS 3008 conformity checks are both included in PowerCad- 5TM.

PowerCad-5TM supports IEE, BS, CP5, and IS (India) standards for applications outside of Australia.

Electrical designers may accurately and quickly model complicated L.V. Distribution Networks using PowerCad- 5TM. 


PowerCad-5TM is a comprehensive and advanced electrical design software offering a plethora of features to streamline the process of electrical system analysis and design.

With a user-friendly interface, it allows users to perform intricate calculations for cable voltage drop, fault levels, and arc faults, while also enabling the creation of coordination curves for precise time and current coordination.

The software facilitates dynamic adjustments of on-screen coordination curves, enabling real-time adjustments.  

Moreover, it offers the flexibility of tailoring existing curves to meet specific project requirements. PowerCad-5TM also excels in cascading for maximum demand and selectivity calculations, ensuring efficient power distribution.

It provides thorough insight into cable energy dissipation under thermal stress and cable impedance for fault loops, enhancing the safety and reliability of designs.

The software assists in circuit breaker selection, single-line graph representation, and substation sizing, ensuring optimal performance. Its harmonic mitigation and power factor correction capabilities enhance the overall efficiency of the electrical system. 

Further, PowerCad-5TM supports distribution network modeling in AutoCAD®, simplifying design integration. The software also boasts features like automatic mains and submains cable selection, final subcircuit automation, and access to extensive libraries of light fixtures and motors.

The inclusion of standards compliance, such as AS/NZS, IEE, BS, CP5, and IS, ensures adherence to industry best practices. With PowerCad-5TM, users can confidently design, analyze, and optimize electrical systems, making it an indispensable tool for professionals in the field. 

Source: https://www.powercad.com.au/powercad5.php


The future of electrical design is PowerCalc-HTM with harmonic modeling. The top electrical engineering design program for consulting engineers, PowerCalc-HTM, includes modules for single line diagrams, harmonic modeling, and circuit breaker coordination. 


PowerCalc-H™ is a robust and feature-rich electrical design software that empowers engineers with a comprehensive suite of tools for accurate and efficient electrical system analysis and design.

It offers calculations for cable voltage drop, ensuring precise voltage considerations in various scenarios. The software enables the creation of curves depicting time/current coordination, providing a visual representation of system behavior. A dynamic on-screen coordination curve adjustment further enhances accuracy in coordination studies.  

Additionally, PowerCalc-H™ accommodates user-defined time/current coordination curves, allowing customization to specific project needs. The software efficiently handles the determination of highest demand scenarios, ensuring optimal power distribution planning.

It assesses cable energy dissipation under thermal stress and cable impedance for fault-loops within conduits, enhancing overall system reliability. Fault level calculations and ARC fault checks provide insights into potential system vulnerabilities.  

The software assists in circuit breaker selection, graphically represents systems via single-line graphs, and offers harmonic mitigation and power factor correction features.

It evaluates harmonics and addresses system resonance issues. The software seamlessly generates single-line diagrams for substation sizing and export to AutoCAD® L.V. Distribution network modeling aids in accurate system representation.  

PowerCalc-H™ automates cable selections for mains and secondary mains, streamlining the design process. It ensures proper circuit sizing and furnishes detailed reports with print previews for light fitting and motor libraries.

Adhering to standards like AS/NZS, IEE, BS, CP5, and IS (India), PowerCalc-H™ offers direct online support, solidifying its position as an indispensable tool for electrical design professionals. 


The full software package for large-scale electrical contractors is PowerCalcTM. For large-scale electrical contractors who need modules for circuit breaker selection and power factor connection, PowerCalcTM is the comprehensive software solution. 


PowerCalc TM incorporates a comprehensive range of features that cater to diverse aspects of electrical system design and analysis. The software facilitates conduit sizing in accordance with AS/NZS3008.1.1 standards, ensuring precise sizing for optimal cable routing.

Maximum demand calculations, aligned with AS/NZS3000, provide accurate assessments of power consumption. The software leverages AS/NZS3000 for calculations, ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

It proficiently addresses cable voltage drop and fault-loop impedance concerns, essential for maintaining efficient power distribution. Computed short circuits contribute to system safety evaluation.  

Power factor calculations enable the assessment of energy efficiency. The software excels in modeling low voltage distribution networks, allowing for accurate system representation.

Its automated main and submain cable selection simplifies cable choice. Automatic cable sizing for final subcircuits optimizes system performance. The software assists in circuit breaker selection, while accurately sizing substations based on project requirements.  

Extensive libraries for light fixtures and motors streamline component selection. The incorporation of print preview functionality enhances reporting accuracy. The provision of online direct support ensures immediate assistance for users.

PowerCalc aligns with AS/NZS, IEC, BS, and CP5 standards, reinforcing its adherence to industry best practices. These multifaceted features collectively empower professionals to design, analyze, and optimize electrical systems efficiently and confidently. 


The best software for electrical contractors looking to complete modest projects in accordance with AS/NZS3000 and AS/NZS3008.1.1 is QuickCableTM. 


QuickCableTM stands out with its array of powerful features designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of electrical system design and analysis. The software excels in conduit sizing, ensuring compliance with AS/NZS3008.1.1 standards, and precisely determining optimal cable routing.

Maximum demand calculations, aligned with AS/NZS3000, provide insights into power consumption trends. The software relies on AS/NZS3000 as a foundation for calculations, ensuring conformity to industry regulations.  

It expertly handles cable voltage drop and fault-loop impedance calculations, crucial for maintaining optimal power distribution.

Computed short circuits contribute to safety evaluations, identifying potential risks. The integrated Power Factor Correction calculator aids in assessing energy efficiency.  

QuickCableTM facilitates the accurate modeling of low voltage distribution networks, allowing for realistic system representations. Its automated main and submain cable selection streamlines cable choices, saving time and effort.

The software also offers substation sizing capabilities based on project needs. Extensive libraries housing light fixtures and motors expedite component selection.

The inclusion of print preview functionality ensures precise reporting. Users benefit from internet assistance, guaranteeing quick access to support resources.  

QuickCableTM is a comprehensive toolset that not only simplifies complex calculations but also provides valuable insights into electrical system performance, making it an indispensable asset for electrical professionals. 


Electrical contractors can use QuickCable-LT™ to size cables, conduits, and fault-loop impedance checks for small jobs in accordance with AS/NZS 3008.  


QuickCable-LTTM provides a comprehensive set of tools designed to optimize electrical system design and analysis. The software excels in determining the right cable size according to AS/NZS3008 standards, ensuring precise cable dimensions for different situations.

It also calculates maximum demand in line with AS/NZS3000, offering insights into power consumption patterns for effective load planning. The software accurately sizes conduits for precise routing and considers safety through AS/NZS3000 fault-loop impedance calculations. Calculations for voltage drops and fault levels contribute to understanding power distribution efficiency and potential risks.

Further, QuickCable-LTTM evaluates power factor for energy efficiency and offers detailed reporting for clear documentation of results. Users can access online support for prompt assistance, enhancing accessibility and usability.

Overall, QuickCable-LTTM presents an easy-to-use and effective solution for electrical professionals to confidently design and analyze systems with precision. 

Customer Standpoint of PowerCAD

  • Most Liked for:
    • Customized, layer management, object-oriented programming, with the capacity to import and export files in different file formats. It is a macOS operating system-compatible program with a user-friendly interface and excellent output.
    • A robust suite of CADD tools with a quick learning curve and good usability. One doesn’t need to learn everything to utilize this application even if one cannot sketch very well.
    • This simple tool makes it possible to create intricate details in any diagram, drawing, plan, or section. It is made more user-friendly by the ease with which the .dwg files can be read and customized. The user interface is remarkably simple to understand. It is possible to create and simultaneously display many layers.

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