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Architectural Drafting Services

We provide architectural drafting services including drafting and detailing for large residential construction, commercial buildings, etc. Whether it’s building plan, general layout, elevations and sections, floor frame planning or other architectural drawings, we put forward every solution as per our client requirement. Our BIM architects ensure quality and consistency of drawings, with cost-effective architectural detailing within a quick turnaround time. 

Architectural Drafting Services

Our Architectural Drafting Services include

CAD Drafting Services

We have the expertise to enable architects and other stakeholders in creating accurate CAD drawings, compatible with software applications like AutoCAD. We deliver CAD drafting output in several CAD formats like .dwg, .dwt, .dxt, etc. 

Our CAD Drafting solutions include 

  • Image to AutoCAD Conversion 
  • Raster to Vector CAD Conversion 
  • CAD Migration 
  • PDF to CAD Conversion 
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Construction Documentation

Construction documentation constitutes the last stage of architectural designing and is detailed enough compared to conceptual design drawings. Our detailers comprehend the construction documents, producing a clear picture of the entire construction.

Our Architectural Construction Drawings include: 

 ⭐ General Notes ⭐ Floor Plans ⭐ Roof & Site Plan ⭐ Reflected Ceiling
⭐ Elevations ⭐ Building Sections ⭐ Door & Window Schedule Sheet ⭐ Interior Elevations
⭐ As-Built Drawings ⭐ Wall Sections

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Shop Drawings

We provide a complete spectrum of shop drawings globally, serving client requirements as per industry standards. Our modelers generate accurate shop drawings embracing the latest BIM technology within a short period. 

Our Architectural Shop Drawings include

  • Millwork – Millwork shop drawings eliminate all misinterpretations, enabling timely production and installation of customized cabinets, doors, casework and other wooden products. Our drafters interpret design drawings and technical specifications and produce shop drawings.  We work with the details of furniture, casework, cabinets, door & trim casing, customized kitchen, cabinets, bathroom vanities, wall panels, etc.
  • Modular – Our modular shop drawings contain all geometrical data, including supplier details, clearance, operations and maintenance. We also conduct MEP clash detection and resolution in compliance with design parameters and local building practice.
  • Masonry – We produce masonry drawings with bricks, stone and concrete blocks used in masonry construction.
  • Interior – Interior drawings help to develop ideas from relationship diagrams into floor plans and then into perspective drawings for showing clients. Crucial to interior designers, these drawings contain measurements of the building, including walls, doors, furniture to make an accurate plan.
  • As-Built Drafting: We create as-built drawings after project completion. The drawings show the minor and major modifications made by the contractors to original drawings for proving an exact project rendering.
  • Mark-up Plans: The first engineering drawings maintained by the project manager to track design revisions during construction are called mark-up plans. We use markups in floor plans, schematic design, product assembly and other engineering drawings.
  • Sectional Drawings:  Through sectional drawings, we show the cut and features beyond the cut, drawn in thin lines. These drawings help our viewers to comprehend volumes in the foreground against other volumes. 

Standard Views Used in Our Architectural Drawings

⭐ Floor Plan ⭐ Site Plan ⭐ Cross Section ⭐ Elevation
⭐ Isometric projection ⭐ Detailed Drawing ⭐ Presentation & Survey Drawings

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