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Point Cloud to BIM Services

Point cloud consists of a set of data points in 3D, representing the external surface of a building object, including geometry, color, etc. Using 3D scanners, we take the accurate measurement of point cloud data as vector points and convert them to parametric Revit models. Our engineers produce parametric as-built models for architects, depicting façade, roof planes and landscapes around the construction.  The intelligent as-built model contains all building data related to beam, ceiling, column, walls, etc. We provide point cloud to BIM modeling services for the architects, enabling them to analyze the existing condition of the building for renovation and demolition. 


Out Input Requirements from Architectural Clients:

⭐ Laser scanned building data

⭐ Construction site photographs

⭐ Final BIM model and design drawings


Benefits of Point Cloud Modeling Solution

  • Reality data capture – We provide point cloud data for linking to the facility management system. 
  • Quick & accurate survey with light detection – Through remote-sensing LIDAR, we convert laser scan point cloud data into a BIM model through as-built information. 
  • Reconstructing 3D shapes – We visualize dense point clouds for reconstructing 3D shapes. 

Point Cloud Scan to BIM Services 

⭐ 3D modeling at LOD 500 

⭐ Point cloud creation 

⭐ Data capture through Scan to BIM 

⭐ Accurate survey through LIDAR 

⭐ As-built drawings & documentation 

⭐ Plan view drawings 


Get 50% ROI on your BIM modeling or any building construction projects.

How do we work with Point Cloud Mesh?

We capture a point cloud scan using a 3D laser scanner, consisting of million data points. The points represent the 3D coordinates of an external surface of a building. Our BIM engineers use the latest reconstruction methodology for creating a mesh from the point cloud data. We use modern laser scanning services using Photodetectors, LiDAR mapping, etc. to examine the earth, evaluate ground surface information and create digital twins of a building object with complete geospatial information. 

Process of Model Creation from Point Cloud Scan: 

  • Capture – Field Survey Scanning & Equipment Selection 
  • Process – Identifying Level of Detailing, Level of Accuracy & Choosing Modeling Software 
  • Model – Aligning Model, Inserting File Setup & Collaboration 
  • Quality Control – Reviewing Model, Representing Elements & Checking Sample Run

Projects Served using Scan to BIM Solution

⭐ Renovation  

⭐ Building demolition 

⭐ Extension  

⭐ Building maintenance 

⭐ Refurbishment & retrofit 

⭐ Facility management/Asset management 

Sectors Facilitated

⭐ Educational Institution

⭐ Commercial Complexes 

⭐ Historical Monuments 

⭐ Hotels & Resort 

⭐ Residential Buildings 

⭐ Infrastructural Projects

Why Choose Us? 

  • Proficient Team 
  • Quick Response Time 
  • Commitment to Work 
  • Insight Knowledge of Building Codes & Standards 

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