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Revit MEP drafting is a modeling tool that facilitates the automatic placement of ducts, pipes, and other building components. Using Revit MEP services, AEC project stakeholders look after the detailed design development of the structures.  Parametric family creation in Revit modeling enables the designers to choose and place intelligent components in the construction project. Further, it helps in promoting a consistent delivery across the team of construction project stakeholders.

Revit BIM coordination drawings along with sheet metal shop drawings and structural shop drawings add flexibility and efficiency to the building architecture.  Accurate building MEP drawings are produced from the Revit Model for facilitating building design, procurement, safety, maintenance, and facilities operations and facilities management.

Let’s now check out a few points on why choose Revit MEP drafting services?

Why seek Revit MEP drafting services?

Well, it’s a common question amongst the architectural, engineering, and construction professionals? They often come up with the question – “Why should we consider Revit for creating Building MEP drawings?.” “What are the benefits of implementing Revit MEP BIM Services?”Why switch from AutoCAD to Revit MEP BIM modeling?” Of course, the ultimate goal is productivity gain. Revit is a BIM authoring tool, which helps to deliver as per specific building requirements.

  • A collaborative modeling tool for automatic placement of building components-Using Revit MEP drafting services, ducts, pipes, and other fittings are automatically placed. Revit BIM services help you to gain productivity due to the spontaneous, easy-to-navigate user interface that can be shared amongst all the AEC project stakeholders.
  • Transforming single line drawing into a detailed design –Revit BIM modeling facilitates transforming single line drawing to detailed designs instead of starting from very scratch.
    Standard Intelligent component library to choose & place – Revit BIM is available with a library of general components. AEC professionals access specific content from a wide array of sources, making it easy to build schemes.
  • Support the delivery requirements of the team – Using the standards built into Revit, less time is spent checking the deliverables. As a result, the project team members deliver their job efficiently in less time, reducing the time of the construction project.
    Exact quantification of items within a project–BIM coordination drawings created from the Revit model provide an accurate database of items for generating automated schedules. The building MEP drawings generated from the 3D model help to save a significant amount of time as compared to the manual practice.
    Revit MEP Clash coordination at pre-construction–Working within Navisworks, Revit MEP services enable complete clash checking amongst architectural, structural, and MEPFP services. Consequently, this prevents wastage on the construction site, avoiding costly rework.
    Decreased RFIs through direct information sharing – Request for Information or RFIs are also reduced during the construction project with the help of Revit BIM services. This is simply because the design model gets linked to the construction project, allowing team members to check the model. The project team members instantly resolve clashes in the model, saving much of the precious time and money involved in the building project.
    Embedded design information in project components –BIM modelers using Revit BIM services get to know how the components are interacting amongst themselves. The sheet metal shop drawings, structural shop drawings, and MEP drawings show how the components are interacting amongst themselves. To take an instance, the size, velocity, and pressure drop calculation of a duct could be checked at any time. The design validation services through the Revit 3D BIM model are not always available from AutoCAD 2d models.
    Display of design information through intelligent tags- Revit modeling helps to display automatic design information in a tag, that facilitates visual check for design adherence, enforcing standards, and avoiding expensive rework.
  • Automatic update of views, while making changes to the design – If modifications are made to any aspects of the designs, those are reflected throughout the views of the model. Be it on a drawing sheet or a construction schedule, it becomes difficult to see the view update using conventional 2D AutoCAD. However, with the Revit BIM model, all team members could see the update, whenever any changes are made to the design.
  • Revit output used for design applications –Revit BIM modeling helps to collaborate with other design software applications like Dialux and Relux. This helps in design verifications within Revit.
  • Identifying design issues during the review stage– Many of the design issues are identified and resolved quickly through Revit drafting services. Revit BIM model enables3d visualization, thus resolving design errors, with easy manageable 3D views, avoiding costly mistakes during construction.
  • Simultaneous working on the same project – Through Revit BIM cloud collaboration, multiple people work and coordinate on the same project and that too at the same time. As a result of which, project progress is made from a single model, benefiting the entire team to get a synchronized project approach.

These are a few advantages of Revit MEP Drafting. Every AEC project stakeholder must opt for Revit BIM services from one of the best BIM service providers in the USA to minimize costly rework at the later stages of construction. To implement Revit BIM modeling in your construction project, appoint top BIM engineers at 202-465-4830 or [email protected].

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